Is it any good?
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wouldn't really suggest it.
what's your price range?
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to answer your question bluntly?


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Spiders are horrible, check out the Roland Cube series, wayyy better for metal.
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i love mine, im just trying to get rid of it so i can afford som other new gear, so if you want to buy mine for only 150$ or 200 for amp w/ footswitch, volume, and wah
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Yean Spider isnt good for anything....except wasting money. However all those people who say "Cubes are great for metal!!", yeah...they are ok for sitting in your room and jammin out in ignorant bliss of your sub-par tone, but they really aren't all that great.

Think of it this way my friend. If you can buy a pedal for more than the amp your thinking about buying...then dont expect to much from it. Seriously...I've sold pedals for more than a spider is worth. And Im not one of those guys who think its gotta cost a million bucks to sound good...but I also know that unless you got lucky one way or another...you generally get what you pay for.
Good amp for the price. Waste of money? Nah... anything one can afford so they can plug in and jam along with your favorite tunes or band is priceless.

$150/$200 for a pleasure is money well spent. You can always sell it and upgrade later on down the road. But if you can afford something nicer, go that way.
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