hi all

i am very interested in learning the accoustic guitar.

not so intereted in electric at all.

however, my dilemma is that i live in a college dorm, and if i was to buy an accoustic and learn from the beginning (you know what is sounds like), im sure everyone would get pissed off, which is understandable

i wouldnt want the guy next door learning accoustic. this is why im thinking of getting an electric, and plugging it into headphones.

now heres my question, and i apologise if it sounds really stupid. is electric that much different apart from the sound/tech etc?

ie. can i learn on the electric guitar, and then switch over to the accoustic, or are they really different?

from what i understand, an electric guitar has softer strings and different sound, so im assuming by becoming skilled at the EG, ill be good at the AG

please point this n00b in the right direction.
they're tuned the same, and has the same amount of strings. DUH?!

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they're tuned the same, and has the same amount of strings. DUH?!

That comment wasn't very helpful.

I have not played electric guitar myself, I currently learn classical acoustic. I am reasonably confident you can change from one to the other. Although it might take about 1 month to be as good on an acoustic as you are on an electric if you start on an electric. Some things are easier on an electric because of the softer strings (like barre chords). I really cant help you to much more. Find someone who knows more than I do (because I might have something wrong or forgotten some key factors in the decision).

Maybe you could find a guitar teacher and ask them that question in your first lesson. Most teachers give you your first lesson free so you can see if you like the instrument, and many people find a teacher helps them learn stuff faster (some people don't like teachers, but how can you know you don't like a teacher till you try one?). A teacher is also a good idea because you might discover you don't like guitar straight after you buy one, and that wouldn't be very good (because on your first lesson many teachers lend you an instrument for the free lesson).

As I said earlier. I am sure other people on the forum can answer this question better than I can. I am just a beginner myself. Only been playing about 4 months, LOL.
i think that if you play your electric without headphones which at some point you will, your neighbours will be even more pissed off. but in answer to your question yes playing is pretty much the same. slightly easier on electric though imo.
You could always put some heavier gauge strings on your electric and then there would be very little difference at all in switching between the two. I have a cheap crappy electric that has .12 strings on and it is just the same as playing my acoustic.

Oh and if you do this you have to make sure your electric is set up to handle them....the neck on mine has got extra tension on it cause its set up for .10s and its warped so the neck is bent and the resulting action is high. Idk though cause I never play it anymore, I use my Gibson
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You should learn acoustic first. The strings are a lot different on acoustic compared to electric, so your hands would be much much stronger for when you pull out an electric guitar. And dont worry about what your floor mates think. They wont really care because its not that loud and they are likely listening to music or doing something else. However, it doesnt really matter as they are similar. Its all up to you.
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Learn one and you learn the other. Acoustic strings (unless nylon) are quite a bit harder to press down, and its harder to make high notes ring out especially if you dont have a cut out body to hit the 2nd octaves. Do whatever one you want.
You're gonna annoy them regardless, but the best thing to do in your situation is get an electric, and amp and HEADPHONES. Headphones are perfect for you, but your strings will still be slightly noisy (not as loud as an acoustic though).

You can make an electric sound like an acoustic anyway... and acoustics are for camp counsellors anyway.
hehe, it's interesting to see that you (americans?) think of acoustic guitar as steelstringed primarily when here in sweden you'd always think of spanish, nylon stringed guitars when talking about acoustics, atlest for beginners.

However, i started out playing on a cheap-ass spanish guitar and these days I play almost only electric. I'd say that switching over wouldn't be any problem at all, i can pick up any of my acoustics and play the songs I've practiced on my electric with out any big issues at all.
Acoustic guitars aren't that loud, unless you don't have walls between your rooms.

Playing electric guitar will help with the acoustic side as well, but it won't be as effective as if you began on an acoustic guitar immediately. More importantly, if you have no interest in electric guitars then don't pick one up just yet. Find somewhere else to play, such as a quiet park, if you can't do it in your own room.
You can play an acoustic quietly. It's called finesse, baby.
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