Has anyone tried this guitar? I want to know if its a decent guitar that sounds good and well, is good.
Vintage Wraith

I'm sitting here playing mine right now.

I don't know how much you're paying for it, but I got mine new for £140, so I naturally assumed the pickups were going to be pretty weak. But for the price I paid (and the RRP, around £220 I believe) the Wilkinsons are a very good deal. The neck pickup isn't the greatest for a warm solo sound that you may be after, but:

a) at the type of guitar this is, you're probably not bothered and
b) changing the neck pickup shouldn't set you back too much.

The bridge pickup is pretty solid IMO for a guitar this price. I'm playing mine through a DigiTech Death Metal pedal and a Fender Frontman 15G, and it sounds heavy enough for my liking. I play the older Trivium stuff, Bodom, Metallica, Guns N' Roses etc, so I need it for quite wide range of things, and using both pickups well and messing around with the EQ on any amp I can find the sounds I want relatively easily (most of the time).

It's a bit neck heavy if you let the thing go, so beware of that as you might find yourself without a headstock if you're not careful.

The wings are easily damaged, I've had mine since August and it's been damaged twice, although once through dropping it. Be careful how close you are to walls when you play this thing.

The volume controls, input jacks come loose quite often, but that's easily fixable.

The tuners are perfect IMO. I use .9s - .42s (EDIT: D'addarios) and I play in standard, drop d, 1 step down, drop c, 2 steps down and drop b, and it stays in tune pretty well for all of those, so that's always a good thing.

The fretboard and inlays wear quite easily, but that's just cosmetics and doesn't affect the playability of the guitar.

So overall, very good guitar for the price I'd say.

EDIT: Wanna know anything else, feel free to PM me.

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