Hey, I need some help on the Silent Night Bodom Night sweeps. These are the first sweeps I have ever done, and I really want to get them perfect as I love this song.

So, the first sweep I have to tackle is:


So I'm asking for ANYTHING that will help me with this. I'm completely clueless so state the obvious please, stuff like fingering, how to change from down sweeping to up sweeping etc.

Please help.
first of all, loosen up. Nothing looks or feels worse than a stiff sweep. That also means loosen up with your picking fingers, let the pick just brush the strings. As you sweep towards the top strings, the end of the pick should be facing skywards, as you pick back up again the pick should be facing downwards. Now, the fretting hand.

The entire basis of sweeping is basically playing a chord with no notes being allowed to ring out, so instead of simply fingering the chord you need to lift your fingers off and play each note individually. Next, start with your 2nd finger on the 16 fret of the 3rd string, and pick down. Now instead of lifting your pick out again, leave it to fall to the next string down and as you pick that next string, lift your finger off the 16 fret and palm mute that string, and put your 3rd finger on the 17th fret on the 2nd string. Do that again to the next string, and when you get to the 15 fret with your first finger, hammer on to the 19th fret with your pinky, then sweep down. Ill do the next sweep in another post, because my fingers just siezed up.
Right, my fingers have stopped having spasms lets crack on . After you hammer onto the 19th fret with your pinky, pull of and pick the 15th fret again but this time pick upwards. Then put your 3rd finger onto the 17th fret and let the pick fall upwards to the 2nd string and pick the note. Do the same to the next string, putting your 2nd finger on the 14th fret. The take your pick out of the strings and put it back in on the second string. Then place your 3rd finger on the 15th fret whilst picking upwards. Do the same to the next string and then the rest is alternate picking.

A couple of things to remember:-
1)A sweep is meant to be a continuous motion up and down, so refrain from picking each note individually, to start just mute all the strings and just move your pick up and down in a sweeping motion. Then start to add the second hand.
2) DONT try and do it fast straight away, start sloooowwllly with a metronome and very gradually build up the speed. Sweeping can take months to perfect, so don't worry if it sounds terrible for a while.
3) When praticing with a metronome increase the BPM by about five at a time. Also, don't think you can do it at one speed because you did it once, contiuously do it at that speed until you know that you can instantly do it.

If you wan't a more thorough explanation of sweeping, well, you can quite simply **** off happy sweeping, keep it metal