I had perfectly fine callouses (sp?) on my fingertips until a few days ago.

In my opinion, I don't think I upped my amount of time playing, but now my fingers are shredded. It's frankly disgusting.

Anyway I can stop this, or treat it?

I'm not sure about it but it's happened to me before. They get better after a couple of days.
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my fingers seem to shed the skin on my callouses.
they did last night and it nacks when i play.
i still do ofcourse.
i used to have the problem getting blisters from playing too much even though i had calluses, but from carrying on regardless i've stopped getting them. It took over a year for my fingers to get used to it, now i just get skin peeling off a little and slightly sore fingers but nothing that effects my playing.
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Dip your fingers in surgical alcohol or whatever it is, itll harden the skin. Thats what my mate does to the soles of his feet to help in intense rugby practise.

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