I had family who recently stayed and they bought feta cheese. Well. I don't know wheter its good or not. So I ate it anyway. What are some sure signs of mould. It's pretty white, no blue or green in there. Uh help.
Feta cheese is meant to be white. If it has hair leave it though.
feta is nice, it will smell a bit funny if off, although it smells a bit anyway.
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feta is greek cheese made from goat's milk. it's good, nice mixed in with a salad with olive oil and vinegar and a bottle of red wine to go with it.
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If it's not stored in oil, it gets a bit dry and crumbly but it'll still stay fresh for a while as long as you keep it in the fridge and wrapped up in plastic foil. If it's really gone bad, i think you'll taste it.
If you have some left, chop it up a little and put it on a sandwich with some sliced tomato, olives and roast beef or chorizo or something.
The expiration date on the package is usually a fair indicator of it's age.

Like others have said, feta is supposed to be white. If it were mouldy I'm pretty sure there'd be blue or green on it etc.