i bought this months guitarist magazine and it had a review of the fender 50's and 60's classic player strats.
i really like them and im thinking of getting the 50's classic player for my birthday (august).
anyway, i just seartched it on google and it seems you can only get it in silver and sunburst - but in the review it is a really nice light blue. also the plastic is alot more aged in the review. it seems you cant get it in this colour and i really want it. ive checked the specs and their identicle so they must be the same guitar.
can someone help.
im so confused.
Playability and feel should matter more than colour. Go out and try the guitar before you consider buying it, you might not even like how it plays/sounds.
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yeah i know but im only askin bout the colour. if i try it and fal in love with it then i wont care bout the colour. but i would well prefer it in blue.
Yer I agree with R_H_C_P but colur help make the guitar fell more like its your. You made a decicion about it. It was probably a custom job. Try FAQ on the website.