My friend has emailed alot of people who think he is dead, and in there replys there pretty nice.

Insane all the same though.
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Ah I remember this. (Well I don't, I wasn't around at the time, but I read about it awhile ago). Pretty weird stuff.
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This is even more stupid than the alien moon-base conspiracy.

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Finding a look-a-like was difficult, but was possible under the guise of an innocent looking 'Paul Look-a-like' competition that was judged by people who were unaware of the overall seriousness of their task. The eventual winner of the competition was a person called William Campbell, and just after he had won reports of his mysterious disappearance began appearing on local news. William Campbell lived in Ontario, Canada and worked for the Ontario Provincial Police. He had disappeared because he was no longer William Campbell - he was Paul McCartney.

Although William looked a lot like McCartney, there were a small number of imperfections that needed to be eradicated. Amongst these improvements the top lip had to be fattened up a little, but there was a doctors error which left a scar. The eyebrows were also worked on. At the end, the new McCartney was pretty much indistinguishable from the old McCartney, and it was only then that the group were beginning to believe that their plan would work.

But there were other problems. William spoke with a Scottish accent, and so he had to undergo speech therapy to give him the trademark Liverpudlian accent. He was also right handed and so had to literally swap hands! He could already play bass guitar, and so in the studio he could play however he liked. However, in public and in music videos he'd have to mime whilst playing left handed.

In the end, the new McCartney could have fooled anyone, and in reality it did - several billion fans to be precise!


As you look at the front cover the first things that you'll notice are the poses that the Beatles are standing in. These are semaphore characters. It would be assumed that these would spell out 'HELP' but for some reason they don't; spelling instead the letters 'NUJV'. What could this stand for? Well, it's been suggested that these four letters could stand for 'New Unknown James Vocalist'. Perhaps this is the Beatles subtley telling us that 'James' (Paul's real first name) has been replaced by a new unknown?

It got stupid right there.
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I could look at that site for hours
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
The seals killed him. How ironic.

Not really but it'd be pretty damn funny. In an unfourtunate sence.
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Paul is dead! John is alive! Ringo is dead! George is alive!
I hate the Beatles' jokes! There are some people who had a laugh at it... I don't!
This is older than Paul McCartney himself.
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This is older than Paul McCartney himself.
So is this THREAD.

OP in February.
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