it seems that he doesn't want to go away from the alternate picking, finger picking and
tremolo picking...

other than that it's good...


I've observed that his picking hand is stiff doing all the sweeps...
and even more picking...
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Pretty good, like how he uses arpegios in his clean soloing.. cool raking into bends too, been trying to get that down for too long!!
Jesus was pretty good, wasn't he The water to wine trick is a eprsonal favorite of mine
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good player, but i'd love to hear some feeling (cliched i know but i don't see the point of fast playing for the sake of it)

and yes i am crap
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he is good i will agree, but if ure looking for things to be impressed by there are alot of better players on youtube, plus he's asian so what do u expect?
wow, at my teacher talen show, my gym teacher played the exact same solo.
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good player, but not a whole lot of feeling in it.... And he didn't seem to use any legato technique at all, only picking. Not to say i'm better though....
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well, that changes EVERYTHING!!!
I thought it was gonna be a video of Jesus on guitar...
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