Hi all, just a quick question,

I am about to build my first guitar which will be an explorer style, made from parts from warmoth.com , I really like James Hetfield tone but i have found conflicting reports of what his custom ESP's are made off. Wikipedia states that they are an alder body with a mahogany neck but other sites state that it is alder body with maple neck. Im prety sure the fingerboards are rosewood as this pops up on any information i found. I do have a slight worry that if i were to use a mahogany neck that the balance of the guitar may be compromised with the headstock tending to drop towards the floor, however maybe the large amount of wood in the body wil offset this?

thatnks for any help!
i'm not sure but it might say on the esp website
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I couldn't find it on the ESP website as the explorer models are discontinued. all they have is the truckster. just wondered if anyone on here has one, i think the model numbers are JH-2 and JH-3
Mahogany body and mahogany neck, as far as I know.
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My LTD Explorer (EX-400BD) is Mahogany with a Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard. The ESP has an Ebony fretboard.. Since he uses production line ESPs and LTDs my guess would be that his are the same.
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I would guess that he has a mahogny body, it feels more metallica then an alder. I would say mahogny for the neck to, but I'm only guessing.