There's sudden Dir en Grey epidemic at my school. Everyone's getting obsessed with them. I think they're just shit.
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Do you live in America where some of their idiot fans think it's cool to cut themselves like Kyo? If so, I feel sorry for you.

Canada, but yes they think it's cool to do what these people do. A girl I know wears a rosary like one of the members, this other girl got one of those flashy belts and she wrote 'DIR EN GREY ROCKS' on it so that everyone can see, this other guy wants to go tranny because of the Dir en Grey fashion, etc. Stupid teeangers...one of them started it and then everyone followed. I don't even get why. Their music is really unimpressive. I would assume it's the aesthetic appeal.
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Shame, sounds like Dir en grey have been snapped up by the mallgoths over in Canada and the USA.

Personally I'm a huge fan of the band but I'm really against all the people that seem to blindly follow them purely because they're 'cool'.

Yeah I know. I wouldn't care about the band if it wasn't for their new fans.