I've got both my guitar and bass tracks recorded for a song, they sound great individually and are both consistant and to a regular beat, but when I mix them I either make the mix sound muddy or have to put the bass in with so little volume it has little to no effect on the overall sound.

Im using audacity, does anyone have any good ideas/tips/websites refering to this sort of stuff?

Thanks in advance
hey..wat cable to u use to record ur guitar?the normal cable or those special usb kind?Does it make any diff?

did u change the soundcard.?where do plug it ?


oh,i have audacity but when i record a second guitar part,both my first and second join together.How can i record my guitar parts one track,one tracks..not all together
I thought I was the one asking the questions? Perhaps you should start your own thread so as someone can help you better, instead of invading mine.
It's called the art of mixing, it sounds like you have colliding frequencies, you need to use EQ to really make either thing stand out. Removing a lot of the bass frequencies from the guitar, and highs from the bass, and making them peak at their own frequency. Search up mixing there are literally thousands of articles and websites on such things.

The tracks at this point may not sound as good on their own but should sound good in the overall mix.
it sounds to me that you need to do some eqing on the mix to make the instruments sit in the mix a little better....google a prog called studio buddy....tons of info
Im aware theres a lot of articles on it, I was just looking for a specific place to start learning, its all a bit alien to me at the moment.
The problem here is you are trying to mix instruments. If you try mixing a "song", your results will improve dramatically.

This is kind of an esoteric concept, but you have to think of your musical piece from the "music" side of things. Why can't you hear the bass? Are you playing notes that are fighting with the guitar in some way? Is the tone of the bass wrong? Does the guitar have too much low end?

I could give you some EQ suggestions, but EQ is a bandaid in this case. You need to look at the arrangement of the song first and foremost. If you want the bass heard, there are only two ways to do it. #1 is to get rid of the other instruments. #2 is to set the bass tone up so that it cuts through (I'm thinking the Guns N Roses bass sound).

If you take the time to learn to arrange your music so that the highlighted instrument gets the spotlight, you will WAY ahead of the game.

In the mean time, try using a low shelf to cut the low end out of the bass. If the problem is not the deep stuff, but maybe a little higher, aggressively cut out 125-200Hz. See what happens. You may need to boost 300-500Hz in the bass. You may also want to boost 1Khz. It really depends on the current bass tone, guitar tone, the song, the music, etc.

If you post the song in Bash This Mix, I could help more.