ok i was thinking about getting my prs se coil tapped when i put in my shiney new bare-knuckles I was wondering, what exactly does this procedure entail? will the guitar need to be routed? and most importantly, could it have any adverse affect on the tonal quality of the guitar (assuming its done right)?

Thanks a lot.
It's coil splitting for humbuckers, it's easy. The new pickups will have four conductor wiring - basically a wire coming out of each end of each coil. You need to get a switch, either a dedicated switch or a push/pull tone pot to switch between modes. Basically you're just wiring the switch so that one position will bypass one of the coils - BK should be able to provide you with a schematic for it.
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no i mean im gonna get it done in a shop as theyre gonna be putting my new pups in anyway, i just wanted to make sure it wasnt gonna effect the tone of the humbuckers at all. Does it give a good single coil tone?
Not really. It's a pale imitation, in my opinion, that just gives ya hum. It usually is weaker than a real single coil, and it sound a bit thin, too. It also loses some of that top end single coils are known for because or its placement next to a another coil.
I'd consider a series/parallel switch.
You could do it yourself, dude, it's pretty easy. Saves ya some bucks, IMO. But, to each their own.
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