after looking around loads at different wah's i finally settled on the dunlop 535q wah

before i go ahead and order one in the next couple of days does anyone have anything i should know about it or can say if they think there is better out there

i mainly like it for the versitility

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Ive got one its awesome. It's not AS versatile as they make out but its a bloody nice sounding pedal all the same, id say u made a good choice.
the morley bad horsie 2 is good as well, but not quite as versatile. still amazing.
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I've got one and it is my wah. It is certainly possible to design/build/buy a wah that will do ONE of the settings that it has better, but it wouldn't be cheap. Every wah tone in this is a damn good one of what it is.

I think you'll dig it the most.

cheers fo the help guys

anyone know where i can find the power suply online for it?

been looking for the ECB03E as it says in the manual online and cant find it anywhere

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WTF is a scale any way.