hey guys....thnx for the kinds words....and slash_no_1 i tried to listen to you're tunes but the links in you sig are bad....the first 2 anyway...will check the others when i get home from work
slash_no_1 sounds real good man....love the tone you have going on there...your recordings/backing tracks could use some polishing but the playing is top notch....if you need any BT's made just let me know .....would like to hear you do some complete songs cheers

chrisatgrace i checked some songs...not all yet but i will.....i like them......great job....did you do the singing? if you ever want to collab on something i'm game....i can't/don't sing but can do anything else...again awesome job dude..
that does sound really good. cool bass tone. guitar tones are really good too. drums sequenced? sounds like a possible drumkit from hell jobbie. it's a real good job.
thats soundin pretty good, nice one
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umm it was alright. drums and bass were pretty decent, just the guitar didnt really sound like the real song, musta had bad tabs. it was still alright though for a cover, but it didnt sound quite like the real song. a lot of people probably won't notice or care. i did only because i can play this song, and so i know it all note for note.
^^Agreed. Most of the riffs have something wrong with them. Sorry, it just doesn't sound transcribed accurately enough. Although the feedback and guitar tricks sounded good. This is not so good for you lugzz. I like your version of prison sex better. I think this one needs more work. Just my opinion.
yeah guys i totally agree....the guitar was definitely rushed ...i should probably check out the tabs and learn the proper way.....the drums are DKFH2....thnx for the feedback guys
I like how you tackle these songs. You're the only Tool cover guy on here I think. The only one I know about anyway.