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All White
13 39%
All Black
12 36%
All Rosewood
2 6%
1 3%
None of the above
5 15%
Voters: 33.
I've chosen what my next pickups will be- SwinesHeads.

Neck- Dragonfly
Middle- Spotlight
Bridge- Warthog

Anyway, what colour do think would look best?

small pic.jpg
either all whit or all black, but if you get all black id also get a black pick guard.
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Bridge- pink, middle- red, neck- yellow.
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Bridge- pink, middle- red, neck- yellow.

all black, but you need a tortoise shell pickguard to go well with it.
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I highly recommend pink. It'd look hawt!
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i'd sat white or black with a tortoistshell pickguard, or just white if your using white pups. i dont think thats a fender, or is it?
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