so i plug my guitar in to my amp, turn it on and im gettin alot of feedback, but thats not the problem, the problem is that im not gettin my maximum volume for ex. ussaly my volume setting is on like 1 and now to get that same volume it has to be on like 7-8. any help at all would be greatly appreated
thx in advance Metal_matt
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OK, obvious checks first:

The volume is cranked up on your guitar?

You have the master volume cranked up?
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the volume on my guitar is at full and i already checked the wires in the output jack to see if one came undone(its happened to me before) but everything looked fine
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If you've got a tube amp, it could be the tubes
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I'd go with the speaker; or tube, if it's tube.

What kind of amp do you have?
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may sound stupid, but is it in the input jack and not the headphone jack, it has happened before without people noticing
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ok to answer these questions i have a solid state amp, i no i havent blown a speaker becuase 1. i have 2 speakers and 2. i only got the amp liek a few mouths ago and i havent even played it really hard yet
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oh i forgot to mention that its a crate gtx212
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Do you have active pickups? If so are the batteries on the fritz?

Have your pickups maybe been lowered to the point where they don't pick up as much as they did? I dunno but I'm pretty sure the closer to your strings the pickups are the louder.

Do you wear a hearing aid thats been turned down?

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Also, humbuckers are usually louder than SC so that may be the problem.
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