Ok, I'm gonna buy an Ibanez, but I've no idea about all the models. I mean, it's easy with Fender: Telecaster, Startocaster, Jaguar etc. But Ibanez model names are weird, so I need your help!

I play mostly heavy shit, but it's very important that this guitar plays well regardless of the genre, so I want an Ibanez that's got a good clean tone and good open chords tone. I ain't restricted with the budget but something around 300-400 bucks will do.

Also, maybe there's another brand you would recommend for heavy stuff?

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I'd recommend the RG1570 with a pup swap.

Another brand you might wanna consider is ESP or Schecter...
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But ESPs start from 1000 bucks, right?

And how much will the pup swap cost me? Can they do it right when I purchase my guitar?
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Was that such a bad question that it only deserved 2 replies? Thanks to you two guys!!!
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I'd also recommend an Ibanez RG321MH and if you have enough money left a pickup swap. If you were willing to import from America then I'd recommend the Ibanez RG3EXQM1. Unfortunately it's a musiciansfriend exclusive...
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By 300-400 bucks, is that Russian currency or (whatever)? Are guitars more expensive in Russia or nay?
No, I mean American Dollars, you know, with all the Presidents and all...

I dunno, they're about the same price here as they are elsewhere.
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For 300 or 400 the RG321MH is pretty much al you can go for new
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rg321 or if you can stretch your wallet a little a s320
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RG321MH + EMG swap


Wow, that's one sexy guitar!!! If I ever get bored of my girlfriend... Hehe
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Hrm. It's a little bit more of an investment, but you might want to consider an Iceman (IC400). Iceman necks are smooth and thin, which is great for fast playing... they have a fairly deep, aggressive tone, which is great if you're keen on heavy distortion, though they offer a nice, warm sound when played clean (particularly using the neck pickup with tone dialled down low). They're relatively lightweight (though not as much as an Ibanez S) and very versatile: like LPs, they have two volume/tone controls and a The upper frets (past 20) are a little hard to access, though, due to the odd design, and I haven't noticed a spot for a tremolo arm. Two further disadvantages are that the strap pegs are oddly oriented, so unless you really explore and invest in a good strap, you may find that the guitar swings out a bit when playing standing up, rather than hugging your body. Also, when the neck pickup's selected, and you're playing chords with heavy distortion, the sound is a little muddy, though the tone for single notes/soloing is fantastic, even with stock pickups. The body's really shiny, which looks nice, but acts as a fingerprint magnet, so you'll need to polish it up once in a while (I think this probably applies to all high-gloss finishes, though).

Hope that helped.