did anybody else hear about the b3 tour? I was listening to the radio and they were talking about how joe satriani's bassist Stu was started a b3 tour, bass's answer to the g3 tour. they said maybe stu, les claypool, and victor wooten were doing it, but i'm not real sure. I think it'd be sweet if this all came together.
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Think they're on tour in the US at the moment with plans to come to UK/Europe in the summer.

At the moment the line-up is Stu Hamm, Jeff Berlin and billy sheehan. And for the record it's the Bx3, not B3.

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Sweet, if it comes anywhere near me I'm going to try and go. I'm off to research it now.
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they recently came to the area i live, unfortunantly i couldnt make it...
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I thyink I just creamed...

Sounds sweet, anyone got a list of dates/venues/any other information whatsoever?
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They have their tour dates in Bass Player magazine, along with an interview in which they said they would not play Spinal taps-Big Bottom.

, I know a friend that would murder to go. Oh and me too .
This tour is fantastic. I've raved about it in two other posts. The encore was "Big Bottom" and 'Crossroads". 15 USD to see three of the greatest bass players from a distance of about 3 feet from the stage. Oh, and they came out before the show and mingled with the crowd.

And the club was smaller than your typical HS gym.
damn. who wouldnt want to see them play big bottom? i wish they'd come to canada.. >.<
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damn. who wouldnt want to see them play big bottom? i wish they'd come to canada.. >.<

Actually, it was Jeff Berlin who resisted the idea of playing "Big Bottom" early in the tour. But somewhere along the line, he was converted to the idea.

Actually while Big Bottom was great, Crossroads was just mind blowing. It was like a musical bullet train, sleek and driven. The windows in the club were literally rattling.
That would be a treat to see. I think I'll go and check it out, should it ever come to my neck of the desert.
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I"m 90% sure I'll be able to go to the show near me this weekend. I can't wait, these guys sound really amazing . I haven't listened to each of these guys separately though, I must admit. What stuff by them should I check out as prep for the show?
Ok, I could say something flip, like nothing will prepare you for it (and it would be true nonetheless..). But I will recommend the following for solo work by Hamm and Berlin. I am going to defer to the many Sheehan fans on this forum for Billy Sheehan selections.

Stu Hamm--'"The Urge" and "Outbound". "Radio Free Albemuth"
Jeff Berlin--"Aneurythms" (new CD, nice if you are into fusion jazz)
Ok ,I'm hijacking this thread because I have to tell everyone how amazing this was. (Warning: Large Pics and spoilers)

The club I saw it in was very small, but a great place. Lucky for me I got there early and had front row center seats. Anyway...

Jeff Berlin
He started off the set by playing some straight ahead stuff mixed in with his groovy fusion style playing. He played bout 5 amazing songs including covers of Groovin High (at like 300 bpm) and Tears in Heaven. I also really enjoyed his stage presence, very comfortable and awesome guy. Playing was outstanding, as you might have gathered. I also loved the tone he was getting from his fretted bass.
Pics: (I wish I could take good pictures)

Stu Hamm
Probably my favorite individual set of the night. After coming out and making cracks about jazz bassists (Stuuuuuu), he proceeded to so a solo tapping rendition of "The Long One" from Abbey Road mixed with Moonlight Sonata. Insane . He also had a bunch of really funky tunes, my favorite being Nostalgia. Really showed his virtuosity on all bass techniques.

Billy Sheehan
He was still amazing, but impressed me slightly less than Berlin and Hamm. He played a few of his solo songs, although I couldn't tell much of what he was singing. THen they jammed on a great cover of Lead boots. He started to tap Don't Stop Believin, but then decided against it.

Possibly the best part of the show. All 3 came back on the stage and just started jamming, most of it impromptu, including Billy Sheehan imitating the entire brass section kazoo-style of Chicago will Stu played 25 or 6 to 4. Then, as promised, Big Bottom. It turned into a really awesome jam too, and was closely followed by a mind blowing cover of Crossroads. Then, when you thought it was over, the switched basses. Sheehan began to slap like Stu, Stu began to shred, Berlin played guitar and the guitarist played like Belrin, pretty cool.

Overall, a most amazing concert. If it comes near you, you have to see this if you want to call yourself a bass player.
Stu Hamm looked directly at you in one of those pictures!!!

Wish they'd come to London, UK just once.