how would a guitarist get an endorsment deal like lets say for peavy amps how would you get an endorsment deal with them
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become famous and use their product, or else become god and theyll pay you to use them.
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Well if you don't have a record contract with a major label (and I assume you don't, otherwise you'd be asking your manager and not UG) your chances of getting Marshall to use your band in their advertising aren't great. Generally you get famous, and then everybody wants there product featured in your clips. If you're playing a Gibson guitar in a clip on MTV, then from Gibson's point of view, that's a four minute ad for their product and they'll be very keen for you to play their instrument.

This is not to say that you can't get sponsorship if you're an underground act, you just won't have major manufacturers calling up your manager wanting their product featured.

If you're getting a few gigs and becoming known around town, try to get local music shops to help out. For example, explain that you're a struggling band trying to pay for gear, but if they maybe give you a better deal on your next PA, you'll happily put the stores stickers on the speaker cabinets and road cases so the audience sees them.

Promise to put a "Thanks to the Guys at Acme Music" on your Demo EP and you might find them very helpful. If you're plugging their business, it becomes in their interest to put your posters up in the store as well.

Like everything in the entertainment industry, there's a high chance of being told to **** off, but it's always worth asking.
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A few of the guys on here have/had endorsements, but they are/were in regularly gigging bands that have a strong following.
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win the guitar center king of the blues competition and you'll get a one year gibson endorsement deal.