I am thinking of getting a guitar off of Ebay. Maybe an Epi Lp Standard, or if I have enough, the Zakk Wylde Custom . Just wondering if it is wise to buy guitars off of Ebay, and what can I get the Zakk Wyldes for? I've been looking and they've been about $700, but start bidding at about a good $450 in Canadian Dollars. Could I possibly get one for $500, or is it unlikely?
I buy guitars off of ebay all the time. 3 out of my 5 are from that site. Youll be fine, just make sure the guy has good feedback, by that i mean with 1% of 100%. You can get really lucky off ebay when it comes to prices.
Oh, sry for the dbl post, but youll like the zakk wylde. a tid bit heavy, but its an awsome guitar. i almost baught one once.