Okay I had 1,000 to spend on a guitar and amp and I was a noob. I ended up buying a jimmie vaughn strat... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/home/navigation?q=jimmie+vaughn ... which Is a good guitar but I'm not sure... I'm starting to think I made a huge mistake not buying this schecter because I like to play hard rock / metal. they are about the same price, do you think I made the wrong decision?


Did I make a big mistake ? or could I possibly mod my strat to get a good metal sound that I'm looking for?

this is the amp I use... I guess it's decent for practice

The vox is a pretty good amp, but you should of gotten either the schetor or an epiphone. You can probally still trade it in to your local store and ge ta decent price for it.
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I think the strat would be better.
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well u could but a semour duncan or an emg pick up designed for the bridge and you could cut a whole (with a saw) in ur pick guard to fit the humbucker in ...or u could take all the pickups our and buy a brand new pick guard designed for a humbucker and 2 single coils if u think u could wire it correctly....the choices are endless actually
Nuthin wrong with the strat, and u cud probably get it to make a metalish sound, iron maiden always sound loud (and good) and they use strats. I imagine u cud possibly take it back to the shop n get a refund if u only did it recently
Change some pickups and KABOOM! A brand new custom metal-strat!
But anyway, the strat can be used for metal with it's original pickups, but it won't deliver like the sound of doom or anything
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Throw a Hot rails in the bridge and ur good to go.
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The guys from Iron Maiden all use strats, and they get them to sound good for metal. I personally would have gotten the schecter but dont trade in your fender because you probably wont get more than half than you paid, just try and make it sound the best you can with pedals, amp setting modifications, etc.
get the emg set of p-ups that are mounted on on a sctratch plate. 2 81s Kirk hammet signatures
Schecter has a more metal tone, whereas the Strat has more of a calming tone. It's up to you. However you want your music to sound.
or just buy Seymour duncan SHR-1 hot rail pickup for the bridge.
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the fender is the best guitar whether or not overall, you can always put new pickups in to suit your style better
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stick with the strat. It could easily be used for metal and if you want to explore different music styles it will beat the schecter by a mile.
^most start bodies are already routed for hsh you just need to change the pickguard.

alt to getting a new pickguard, a humbucker in the shape of single like the Sd cool rails ro my favorite the DImarzio TOne zone stacked single coil.
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