strats are pretty lightweight and SGs are somewhat light.... its shouldn't really be much of a problem though with any guitar unless you're a really small person b/c i have a les paul which is notorious for being one of the heaviest guitars out there, annd its not bad IMO... i can stand and play it a good hour before noticing anything really
almost any Ibanez guitar
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Any MusicMan guitar. Excellent craftmanship, awesome models, good prices for what you get.
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My Epiphone Les Paul (yes!) LP-100 is quite light!
Lighter then most of the Fender shit...

But the lightest guitars are the acoustic ones
well i 'm only 16 n i only weigh round 115 n im a girl and my strat starts to bother me only after like 30 mins.
Quote by americnidiot
strats are pretty lightweight and SGs are somewhat light....

Ya SGs are light but they apparently break easily, hits the ground once and it's gone!
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my prs ses are pretty light.
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I'm also a girl and i weigh 120 i also have a strat and i prefer my SG over my strat. but that's just me. =P
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look into ibanez they have alot of very lightweight guitars
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PRS. they're lightweight and they play great

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yeah ibanez has the lightest i can think of, made of basswood. lighter then mahogany and alder i believe
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my squier is pretty light, but its just abody and a neck. no tuners electronics, stings, bridge, etc.

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PRS. they're lightweight and they play great

yeah, check out a custom 22 or standard 22. They're really comfortable.
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Quote by rage6945
PRS. they're lightweight and they play great

A PRS when you're 16... then you got to have quite a lot money