Most of my playing I do sitting down and today I decided to practice standing up. Now, I know it is supposed to be a little harder but my question is, what is the most comfortable position for the strap to be for you. Mine is at the point where the guitar is a little below my stomach and it makes it kinda hard for me to play.
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I like to have the guitar really low, about 6 inches below my belly button, I like to swing the guitar around a lot and such playing live and this helps, really though it just feels right.
I learn to play with the guitar as low as possible, just because I don't like it being tight and close to my body. If you practice like this long enough, you can play just about anything.
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I hate it really low, I have the lower horn (Yam SG) just below belt level.
I put my strap on my shoulder
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I play so that the middle of the body of the guitar is at my belt. Not too low, but not too high either.

That's just about as far as my strap will go, anyway.... being 6' 3" isn't always a good thing.