Hi there!

I came up with this about a week ago and think it's pretty nice to build a song on, if you know what I mean.. please tell me what you think of it:


I just came up with this one, think it's pretty cool to make a song of with my friend who plays rythm guitar and than I'll improv a solo or something like I did at the end to show you what I mean, still need to work on the solo though but I just felt like walking on the blues scale a bit. Please tell me what you think of it:


First one is very relaxing. It sounded like an acoustic guitar song. I think it would sound great with some vocals. The second song sounds okay, but some of the chords are kind of weird and the rhythm is a little off (maybe cus you don't have drums/bass). You should use more bends in the solo and triplets and stuff, but it could probably be a cool song. Thanks. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Thanks. Yeah I'll work on them, it was just a rough start (especially the second one) to get the idea .

Anyone else got something to say about it?
Thanks guys
And yeah, it still needs alot of work.. but I'll work on it