Does anyone know where I can download FF7 for my computer without using PSX emulator and ISOs cuz they never work. I would go buy it cuz its only $10 but no stores where I live sell PS1 games anymore. Me and my friend have been having the urge to play this game for weeks now but know one I know has it. Thanks for those who help.
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do you want the PC game or the PSX game?
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to be honest, getting it for PC is more trouble than its worth, it crashes all the time if youre on XP, ive given up trying. youd be better off looking for it on ebay for PS1.

Has every "retro" console, even upto PSX, dreamcast, PC etc.

I know for a fact all Final Fantasy games are on there.

It's a closed community BitTorrent site, so you'll probably need to keep trying every hour or so for an account.
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