Hey guys n gals! i askd a few days ago about songs with bass wah but can any1 recomend for songs that include bass finger tapping?
billy sheehan.

Used to be part of an amazing band called Mr. Big.

looks for 'addicted to that rush' and learn it!
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cool, thnks fr the advice ny other ideas, mibi easier stuff coz am jst strtn to learn hw to finger tap u knw lol
Uh do what I did and learn while practicing.And practice some spelling,too :|
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yeah, spelling ROCKS!

and alot of Protest the Hero has bass tapping.
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Stu Hamm has great songs with tapping. Check out Flow My Tears, Country Music, or any of his solos... like Quohogs Anyone. He's the guy who taps Linus & Lucy!
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