This is something I have been working on with some of my friends. I am not really too sure how to end it and would love advice, but for now I just want to know how you like it.

The title is just a random name till I come up with lyrics but eh. All the parts for it are pretty easy to play, but I am still looking for a drum line for it (suggestions there would be helpfull as well. But mainly I want to ask if the main tune is repeated too much.

also if you have your own songs,, post a link to the thread an I will give my comments. I am a begginner when it comes to the guitar, but I have been playing trumpet since I was seven.
It sounded a lot like Hollow Years by Dream Theater. Well, since you admit its novice, it was pretty decent. I liked it anyway. I would change the 16th note G to the dotted eighth F# to just straight eighth notes, it just is too ridgid for this song. Pretty good overall though.
what about the


does it repeat itself too much?