Hi, i'm looking for some info on decent guitar effect to create the perfect 60's/70's psychedelic sound. Especially the effects that are used by Rocky Erikson or the Electric Prunes.
So far i'm using a delay, chorus, wah en flanger but is there any other thing i should be using?
I want to hear as much as possible!

Thanx a lot!!
You'll want a decent fuzz box to sound psychedelic.

FUZZY FLATPICKER σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


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big muff pi!
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a fuzz a wah and a phaser, also hand everyone coming into your shows like 5 hits of acid.
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So far i'm using a delay, chorus, wah en flanger but is there any other thing i should be using?

Analog or digital? You really want analog stuff for a vintage psychedelic sound. I use an Electric Mistress and a Deluxe Memory Man, and I can get very 1968.

A quality fuzz is also in order, the Big Muff was big back then, but a lot of these new boutique pedals probably out-psych that thing today. A classic wah like the Vox 847 or 848 is also a must.
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mooger fooger ring modulater

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i dont have that particular ring modulator.i have a burford robot.

craziest shit ever pretty much sums it up!!

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i can't agree enough with the fuzz recommendation. bonus points if you get a fuzz box with a footswitchable octave. my highest recommendation to the HomeBrew Electronics UFO. they're not super expensive and it'll give you the absolute perfect psych tone. check out this link to a video of it being demoed on gearwire:


other than that, get a small stone. that and the big muff were the staple pedals of that era.