So me and my friend decided to play some linkin park. (yeah i know... he doesnt know how to play guitar, he can only play seethers 'remedy' chorus on the top string of the guitar. and thats the most technical thing he can do...) but anyhow, I let him play through my peavey 100w Heritage VTX. and being the lazy **** that i am, i didnt wanna go get my other amp in my room, so i just plugged my pedal into my PA system (Squire 4) and OMG it sounds so much better, so much clearer, i mean like loads better. so now im wondering what i should do on my other amp to get such a great sound, like where should settings be at or should i get new tubes? i dunno what to do. the settings arent the same on both obviously, but i dont wanna continue to play thru my PA and let my amp just sit there.