im going to spray paint my old peice of junk washburn electric. so i was taking off the things on the body i dont want painted (eg. neck, volume knobs, strap locks, bridge) When i took off the bridge, theres a mass of small wires coming out from a hole under where the bridge used to be. they go into the body and i can't tell if they have anything to do w/ the pickups. what do they go to? and if i paint over them, am i going to make the guitar unplayable? also, any tips on spray painting a guitar?
thanks in advance
Chances are , those wires are for grounding. Get a cheap $8 soldering iron kit from RadioShack so you can de-solder the wires. Label them so that you'll know where each wire is attached to when you re-assemble it. Good Luck!

hmm. i don't know anything about soldering. i figured id just cover it with painters tape (same with the pickups, i wouldn't know how to) any reason i shouldnt do that? any way, im planning on doing a kinda creamy beige color with a light blue stripe in between the pickups. ill upload some pics when im done