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are you sure hes not on candid cam?
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I lean towards Butthole Surfers because only a butthole would carry a surfboard around a town.

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that made my day
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Your the man

^ Talking about me .
i never thought i would see something so retarded in my life...i have no words to describe how stupid that was

/i mean seriously, they cant use axes?
What a fucking loser.

Im sorry if that sounded really harsh but seriously, he is.
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haha thats the most restarded pearson EVER!!! and yes he sucks majorly at

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wow...i watched his guitar playing videos also, that is sad.....
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His got one of him pretending to wank. What an absolute retard.
There was this kid who on youtube who couldn't even play smells like teen spirit right on bass.
I told him it was wrong and he said "lets see u do better"
I linked him some of my videos.
He for some reason deleted his video of playing bass.
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Buy both pickups. Rub icyhot on both of them. Sandwich your penis between them and walk to the nearest homeless shelter with your brand new icyhot penis sandwich.
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His got one of him pretending to wank. What an absolute retard.

How did I know you would go straight to "Me Jerking My ****"
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Thats one of the most retarded things I've ever seen. He really needs life.
The sad thing is, thats almost exactly the attacking animation for a Barbarian in Diablo II
What exactly did he come up with? I mean, what's even remotely original about ureh ureh ureh?
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Kids these days. And I thought I was hopeless at the art of living with dignity.
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It wasn't mean, it was Portuguese.

Master Saruwatari of the Pit Samurai Pm theguitarist to join

Membro do clube Português do UG.
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haha thats the most restarded pearson EVER!!! and yes he sucks majorly at

yeah what a flacking restard.

I'm back, you douchebags.
Why are there sex noises?

EDIT: Don't worry, media player didn't shut down right. That kid is lame.
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i don't play metal, don't even listen to it, and i just watched him and then picked up my acoustic and played it better... what a nooblet
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I agree with This End Up
I thought he was just talking before he played a video of an animation he had made on his computer.

What the hell was that?
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