ok so i have a tsl 60 head and i'm not exactly happy with it. i've been trying to sell it, however i am going to need a head in a couple weeks time so if it isn't sold by then i was thinking of retubing it. anyway, right now it has the same tubes that would have come with the head when it was originally sold. i was thinking of putting JJ El34s & JJ ECC83S in both the preamp and power as i have read a lot of good things about this on various websites. anyway, what i'm wondering is will it actually make a dramatic difference in my sound or am i just wasting my money? the current tubes are fine i'm just not happy with the sound i'm getting out of the head.
personally, i don't think tubes are going to make a difference. my band shares a rehearsal room with another group and one of their guitarists uses a tsl 60 and it's the same crap tone from it too. i spent almost an hour tweaking it to try to get it to sound halfway decent, but i'm not a big marshall fan anyway. it's the vanilla ice cream of amp tone...just too plain. chances are good, though, that you can unload the head onto some guy who'll spend some cash on it just because it says marshall on it. they're selling for up to a grand on eBay and you can find a WAY better head than that for $1000.