For those of you who know battlefield 2 the game you'd know it has some pretty cool middle eastern riffs, i bring you the tab from the loading page (when your loading map to join a game)

i submitted it under the [Submit your tab] but it never got uploaded, but if you want you can have it here (it's almost 100% correct there is one note im not sure of, and the beggining is on an entirely differant instrument that is just way to hard to figure out)

You play the part of the string sounding intruments in this tab (strings as in violins and stuff.

Picture link.

.mp3 song download link (Not hosted or uploaded by me, downloaded at your own risk.

add me to msn if you want it in .txt format

EDIT: Sorry lol my msn is morton_john_atkins@msn.com also use that for feedback
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thanks, ill post a link on the first thread (for .mp3 download of the song)