hey, it is my first time seriously recording with my band, and one of the members told me the other day (outside of band related activity) to use a pick because it sounds better recorded. i play with my fingers in all our songs and i like the way my tone sounds. my question is just that, is he right? since its being recorded are fingers too muddy, where as live they arent, or does he just like the picked sound better

i guess what im asking is, is there any problems with recording finger style?
As long as your recording equipment is good, fingerstyle is fine. There's no reason to switch to pick on a recording unless the equipment is absolute shit, and then picking isn't going to help much anyway.

If you really need to increase the bass' presence in a recording, experiment with boosting your mids.
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

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There should be no problems what so ever, your friend is an idiot

Just play fingerstyle or with a pick depending on what you prefer, it won't effect your recording at all
F that, play how you want. Or if you really want to, record a little bit of yourself playing pick then finger and decide for yourself. If you record with a pick, it's going to be obvious you're using a pick. It's not going to sound "better," you might cut through the mix better since you've got the attack from the pick. But if you prefer fingers, then use your fingers.

I have a recording that someone made for me of my band playing live, I use my fingers for some songs and pick for others, and while you can hear a difference, neither sounds "better." The fingerstyle song just sound deeper/bassier. No mud at all.

EDIT: If you want to hear, you can go to myspace.com/secondsxtoxspare and listen to "That Burning Sensation" to hear the song. I used my Ashdown Mag 300 and 4x10 cab, a Digi compressor and a Behringer Tube Emulator (it was only 30 bucks and sounded pretty good) for that show. That's my old band for thos who care...which is nobody.
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