Is there anyway to have the E,A, and maybe D string have a kind of low tone(like the basss is turned up ont he amp) but the G, B,and E string still have the kind of bright sound. ANy clue? Does that have anything to do with the pickup heights?
That's because the three lower strings are wound and the other three strings are not. The E, A and D strings are called the bass strings and the G, B and e are called treble strings. You figure why.

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hmm... thats a tricky one. mabey if you can isolate the pickups so that the two pickups each pickup only three strings each, mod the tone then remix them in the amp, but i think thatd be more work than its worth. the only other way i could think of would be to run it through a pedal, or better yet a computer and isolate the frequency range to change, similar to a compressor/limiter, but instead of baseing it on volume you base it on the frequency.

bottom line itd be way more work than its worth. just play whatever it is on 2 guitars
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