Yeah, so i've never posted any lyrics on here, I'm not good at putting words to music and definately not very good at rhyming and all that. So i just wrote out some stuff at about 3 am this morning, couldn't sleep, So this is it and i will crit 4 crit just give the link...thanks

An Ocean Overflowing With Sinking Ships

Those nights I spent floating in the deepest of oceans,
passing the time hoping you’d follow.
I found myself giving in to the sea
and letting myself sink to the bottom where no light shines through.
When the water began to pour into my lungs,
I was pulled to the surface and lifted up to the moon,
where I could see what I tried to leave behind, the mother asleep in her bed, praying every night, that I’d just forget what’s not true…

As soon as I had realized what I had done,
I was falling back down to where I was needed.
I woke to the sound of sirens and saw nothing but bright lights.
My destination was a hospital bed,
the place where prayers would be sent,
lives would be changed,
and hearts would be broken.
The regrets followed me everywhere I would go,
hurting my chest whenever I would breathe…

You’re face is beginning to blur,
there won’t be much to remember soon.
I know all of this never matters much to you.
But it’s been my everything for far too long...
Quite good.

Bby any chance did you write this to Brand New's Play Crack the Sky.

Cause it would go well over that progression.
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I don't think a lot of black people play guitar anymore.

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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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no...i didn't really mean for it to go that way, brand new is actually my favorite band, i just randomly put everything into seperate lines and it turned out like that...kind of weird

i was actually listening to the cure while writing this
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