Alright here is another one of my better peices, i don't have a official title for this one either, so im still gonna have to work on that, but here it is, be honest plz


Not much is left,
I wonder how long it will last this time,
Again and again,
Seemingly endless,
Boring me,
Is this all?
Break me a part,
Then fix me again,
It seems this is all you can do,
Why not just destroy me?
I don’t understand,
Surely there are others,
I beg you,
Let me go,
Or finish me now,
Slowly I’ve worn,
One more time and I will be useless to you.
By your side I have stood for so long,
Still I stand in your company,
Do I not deserve such a request?
I just want to be something,
One or the other,
Not this.

I rather enjoyed the "Break me Apart" -> "Fix me" lines. As well, the resonance of despair and urgency in lines such as "I beg you, let me go" and "Anything, not this"... Very good stuff. I'd also like to point out the imagery of wearing down, endlessness etc...

All to be expected from a fellow Saskatchewan...er...
ya im not really into the rhyming thing...
i dont usually follow any pattern or scheme when i write. i just wrote this, because it completely describes what i am currently going through.

and yes... us saskatchewan folk are a brilliant race
dudes. get it straight --- the term is Saskatchewanian. lol

i liked this alot, the flow was good for a non-rhyming peice. this totally sounds like a relationship i went through for about a year. the guy was pretty cool, but near the end...i just kept thinking that somethings gotta give.
great job, sasky.

The only truly consistent people are dead people.