Ok so, my spandex pants are destroyed, and I got them in Berkley, in the back of a leather shop, and they were hand made for me on the spot. That was a long time ago, and I honestly cant find a place where I can find good spandex pants for my bands live shows. Does anyone know of an online store that sells spandex pants that are zebra printed, black and white, red and orange, any colors that are bright are fine, but I cant find any for the life of me. Thanks guys!

...you WANT to wear spandex?
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Try some thrift stores or flea markets in your area. Or you could try American Apparel but they don't have striped spandex. My friend got shiny gold ones there though.
I hope it's glam rock not emo poser look you're going for. You don't have a location up so all i can recommend is camden markets in london, dunno if that's any good for you. try online alternative clothing shops.
Thank god for that, i love glam metal Erm, no names come to mind but if you google some alternative clothing site you might be able to find something. Good luck
I live sort of near you, and there are a lot of good thrift shops down in Ventura and Hollywood that sell some pretty weird clothes. I think you're best off there.
I see...glam metal....emo is gonna turn into hair metal so what the hell eh?

j/k man....try looking around the city or soemthing
Been to all the long beach stores, but I'll go up to some hollywood stores when I get the chance. Any store recommendations?
Hit any of em on the Sunset Strip...if there's ANY place to look in Hollywood, and the glam scene...look at some on the sunset strip if any.