Hi I have a song I wrote nd was just wondering if it is any good, its called Finding Myself and its at www.myspace.com/davidconatymusic its only a rough demo recorded in one take, I will record it properly if its any good, thanks a lot people, oh and if you have myspace feel free to add me :-) thanks guys.

If you crit I will happily comment on one of your songs.

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I agree - you just need to go for it more on your vocals, good sound to them, they just should be dominating the song rather than the guitar, really. The sounds good, however. I think towards the end, it would benefit from being a dual guitar song- the regular riff should still be playing while the outro/lead is coming. It's a little awkward/empty sounding at the end. Multi layered but soft guitars would sound pretty for this song, i think. Oasis-like? I think.

Crit my songs if you like. I have many similar influences, you may like it. Eleanor Rigby's Funeral is a beatles inspired tune, and Will The Wind is a old-style kind of baroque revival. Link is in my signature.
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