Hey my band is about to start playing gigs so the fact is i need a bigger amp since i only use a 30. I want to go for a 100W but i have no idea what kind to get. Its basically punk music and my budget is between 600-800. Someone want to help me about? Im thinking a half-stack would be good
You don't need 100watts, and you don't need a half stack.

Look around at some decent valve combos.
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+1 to what R_H_C_P said.

I would look for a tube/valve combo, but i dont really know what ones to reccomend for punk. But i would say you could find a great tube combo for 600-800, and 30w of tube is plenty for a average size gig, and you can always mic it.
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30 watt valve amp cranked is insanely from my experiences--sounds very nice though .

You don't need 100 watts...that's definatley overkill to tehz m@x. What bands are you into?
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