Right I've (finally) sorted my guitar (getting a firebird VII in a couple of weeks) and now I'm looking to expand my pedal collection

At the minute I have a Behringer OD100 and Hellbabe wah (I know, I know) and well they don't sound THAT bad, the distortion is quite nice i think, and while on the wah it's not hugely wahish it does what i want it to...so i don't want to replace them until I HAVE to...as in when gigging weekly, that sort of thing

So...I have about £200 to spend on an overdrive (my amp (crate powerblock - i like it) just has the one channel so having an overdrive and distortion would sort of give me the two distortion channels that I'm used to on my other amp), a delay (preferably analogue) a phaser and a tuner pedal...so that works out at about £50 a pedal ($97.44 according to coinmill.com) and although I have got a few choices already

Big Muff Pi
MXR Phase 90
Artec Analogue Delay
Ibanez Tuner

but I was wandering if anyone else had any suggestions/experiences (good or bad) with any of these pedals

Oh yeah....my style is sort of classic rock (think Beatles, Dire Straits, Clapton, Hendrix, Floyd etc.), modern rock/alternative (think Oasis, Muse, Incubus)

Cheers for any input
i have the big muff pi, very good sound but very unreliable, had many mechanical problems with it. and the boss delays are pretty sick, either dd-3 or dd-6
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TS9 tubescreamer, small stone for phase, gigadelay if you got extra

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the muff and the phase 90 would be good choices but i would really recommend you get a better od as well me and my friend have both had very bad experiences with behringer- you can get the dod overdrive pedals for £26-30 and yngwie swears by them so theyd do for keeping the cost low.

i have a phase 90 (the evh one) and thats honestly my favourite pedal ever, i take it everywhere and its always useful whether it be a cool slow phase for a solo or to add colour to rhythm tones.

and lastly i think fuzz, especially on eh pedals, is ace.
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I ordered the big muff, phase 90 and tuner (decided i didn't need the delay as much as the phase that's nearly next on the list) but im still looking into the possibility of a second OD/distortion but one that's slightly less than what i said earlier. So for about £30-40 what options do i have? I've been looking at the DOD VX250V and the Boss DS-1 and was wandering whether the extra £10-15 was worth it on the Boss? (I know one's "overdrive" and one's "distortion") Cheers.