When I plug in my amp to my computer via the line out, I get this really strange feedback type noise. When I remove the cable from the line out jack, the sound goes away. I cannot figure out what might be causing it, and since the computer picks it up when I am trying to record, it really screws up everything.

Does anyone have any idea what I can try to make this go away?? I can post a clip of the sound recorded if anyone wants to hear it.
Alrighty. My internet hasn't been working, and now that it is, its 11 at night and the noise will wake my siblings, so I can't record the hideous noise. I will record and post it tomorrow hopefully.
You may be gettin a ground loop thingy, not sure how to fix this exactly, try turning off your monitor and see how much that helps, also check your power chords, if your amp is plugged into the same curcuit as your comp it might cause some problems.

again Im not sure of these theories but they are not hard to check either.
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It's not making the sound anymore. However, I have basically the same problem. It records all the static from the distortion channel, even if I am muting the strings. I am using the line out on my amp. If it helps, it is a Randall rg75G3.

Here is the link to my purevolume site, and the only song there is the recording I just made of what i am dealing with. http://www.purevolume.com/ukdude
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Is your amp in good condition? And cables? I had some really crap cables which were making huge static sounds. Also, if the cables to the computer are poor quality, with a poor connection, you can end up with 'background' noise, as it were?
The cable to the computer is a 3 foot fender cable. Im using a radioshack 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. The cable from my guitar to my amp is a monster cable.