I dig it man. Plan on adding vocals? Then again, don't know if it needs vocals, and yeah, it is pretty chill.
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I like the start of the song after the synth, with the piano and guitar chords, sounds very good. I'm not too sure about the guitar solo though. Doesnt really add anything to the song for me. However the piano lead is much better and works very well. The verse, although good, does get repetitive, and it will require either some vocals or shortening to avoid it becoming boring. Nice chords for the chorus, although maybe get the piano to do something else, or maybe the bass, just to really make it different from the verse. If you're wanting to write a relaxing song then I'd improve the bass everywhere, as a good bass can really make a song, listen to 'If' by Pink Floyd for a perfect example of what I mean. after the chorus the guitar lead is better than before, although I;m still not overly keen on it. The piano bit is still good though. The solos after the second chorus are much better than the previous 2 though. Provided you get the right sound on the guitar it should work, and shouldnt sound too shred. Again though I'd up the bass to make it stand out as the main bit of the song. The endings the right idea, although the bass seems to end too early, playing 4 notes in that last bar, whilst everyone else is playing 6? I'd change that, as it sounds poor. Overall it is a good song, but with an improved bass track could be so much better. Like I said go and look at some Roger Waters bass to see what I mean.

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I agree with rifftnstrings, vocals would be nice on it.But the solo A and B seemed pretty interesting, nice and fast.Good job.
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This is pretty neat.

Love the intro, but i felt the chords played on the acoustic guitar could be differed instead of having the same chord playing 4 times over.
Loved the guitar lead, sounded great. Your phrasing could have been a bit better though, it seems to be a tad predictable.
the piano lead works amazingly, all the instruments come together very well.
The verse had some very nice arpeggios, but it tended to repeat a bit too much, but that might be for the vocals, i don't know whether you have them or not.
Chorus was excellent, loved you're arpeggios there.
Guitar lead 2: interesting...quite unusual, i liked that.
Piano lead 2: also very good, but i don't think you are using the piano to it's full potential, but still excellent.
Solo A: Although awesome, didn't really fit well with the song, you could have a distortion guitar playing rhythm instead of piano there though, that might help a bit.
Solo B: same really as guitar solo A. Although i loved you're bends in bars 110-111 were excellent.
Outro: loved the variations, loved how it ended.

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Pretty cool song, though it gets boring fast. Try using different chords for the chorus to give it some variety. THe leads dont fit the song at all, I dont like your phrasing that much either.

That set, it definetly has an eerie feel to it which I love. Good job!
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