Creeps up upon me again
Sliding out from beneath the
Long buried past I left
Behind to save my pride

You break through it all
Leave me open to so much
It terrifies me with its
Vulnerability... uncontrolled

I thought those feeling gone
Forever and yet mourned their loss
Now I feel the lack of those
Shields against life

I have led the chase so long
Left wounds and left with none
I feel keenly the balance shift
Back toward the beginning of the cycle

Knowing somehow traps me
Even more than ignorance would
So stuck between my feelings
And fears of their loss

The void of hard painlessness calls
To remove the pressure that fills
Me with its ecsacy, and yet
Its call is lost beneath your image
wow!! i really like that! it is awsome, it all seems to flow really well
good job

did i scare you???