Ok so I just bought an American Strat off of ebay. Its in perfect condition, 2002 model...etc.

But the only thing is he had some extra springs added so that it stiffened the bridge up so the whammy is unuseable. This made it kinda into a hardtail.

For those of you with strats, how many springs should I have on it to make the whammy normal. I think its 3 but I'm not sure (this one has 5). If I just remove the 2 excess springs will that be it or is there something else I need to adjust on the bridge?

I'm a Les Paul man so any help on this subject would be great.
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Take two off, but make sure that they are the 2nd and 4th springs.
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Take two off, but make sure that they are the 2nd and 4th springs.

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it kinda depends on your strings too - heavier guage strings tend to need more to hold them back. i can run 54s down to 11s and use 3 springs, and anything lighter like 48s down to 9s i use 2 springs.

some of its also down to preference too. i love to do huge divebombs, so less resistance on the springs help.

as mentioned above though - remove equally from either side, dont have springs on 1 2 and 3 becuase the bridge will become un-even and your top 2 strings will be unuseable!