Hey guys, I just wanted to see what how ya'll go about writing an all guitar song. I just play guitar, so I can just record a background, and then what ever I want over top of it. But I can't seem to make a descent length song, it all just comes out sounding like a big solo. So how do ya'll go about making a song? thanks in advance.
I usually have a riff in my head then I write that down. Usually after I record it and play it, another riff will come in my head that will connect with it. And this happens until the song is finished.
Make some riffs say you want a 2 minute song. Make a few riffs see what they sound like side by side. Timing is also important. i occasionally make a song time a riff, if its like 15 seconds ill repeat it like twice. then thats 30 seconds already. just make riffs and play them together.