ive been trying to solo with other scales besides the pentatonic scale and it doesnt help that all i can find for pics of the scales just covers one position.

do you guys know of any websites where i can find pictures of scales that cover the whole fretboard??

thanks in advance
i prefer all-guitar-chords.com

its got a large selection of the different types of scales, and i especially like how you can change the position of the scales (giving you a look across the fretboard.. not the whole thing, though it does have that too)
sorry.. no shredding.. im more of a david gilmour player.. i use long bends and a few quick hammer ons/pull offs.

i wish i could shred.. it sounds ****in bad ass
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o and by the way do any of u guys shred, because if u do what scales do u use??
We use a ton of scales, but the two most common are probably Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor.
Threadstarter, learn the names of the notes all over the fretboard, then learn what notes are in the scales. I find this easier to remember than a pattern covering all the frets.
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