Could you please crit my singing on my recording on my DMusic.

Its the first time I've ever tried really. I personally think its pretty bad. Wondering how to improve.

Sorry for the poor quality, but its only just under a minute.

Crit for Crit.

Its called Beginner:

i dont sing, nor do i have anything for you to crit.. but it sounds pretty good. practice makes perfect. you have your own sound going on. i like it.
Thank you. Its not much at the moment. As soon as my order my new DAW and set up my mixer, I'm hoping to get some half decent recordings. This was just a tester recorded through the microphone on my webcam. If you get upload any music, let me know and I'll be happy to crit it.
The vocals were double tracked, thats probably what you mean by the effects.
while i'm definitely no pro with vocals, i do have a couple of tips for recording.

1. If you arent comfortable with singing while playing yet (some people, myself included, find this very challenging) dont be afraid to prerecord the guitar track and then sing along to it later.
*in your case, i would recommend doing this, just because it sounds like you recorded everything (guitar+vocals) at the same time. by splitting them into different tracks, you can tweak the sound for instruments and voice to optimize performance.

2. if you are going to double track the vocals, try to make them match up as close as possible. after you have done this, i like to take one track and making it kindof a backing track to the main vocals track... sometimes you can slap some effects onto the backing track and you can create a really warm, full sound.

*just a side note, i know its hard to get an acoustic recorded with the type of mic you're using, but i would suggest trying to be a little bit more ginger with the picking. try and vary the textures of the sounds that you're making. i think you'll like what you hear.

care to crit my stuff? link is in the sig.
This sounds good for you just starting to sing. It's not really my style of music, but you're vocals sound pretty good. The two tracks are a little off sometimes (pitch and timing), but I think that you're good for just starting. Good job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091