I'm selling my Randall RG75 amp w/footswitch

75 watts at 8 ohms
100 watts at 4 ohms
12" Celestian Seventy-80 speaker

Clean and Overdrive channels
Overdrive channel has 2 gain selections - Modern and Vintage
Spring reverb

Very versatile amp. It can handle anything from blues to death metal.

If you are looking for a high gain amp, this thing is a monster. I never keep the gain past 6. The clean is great too, especially with some reverb. The vintage is perfect for punk to alternative stuff.


Thats a stock picture.
The actual amp is in 9/10 condition with a few cosmetic scuffs. Nothing that effects the sound.

I'm asking $200 + actual shipping to US.
I will be double boxing it and shipping it by UPS.

PM me or respond here.
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